There is a difference between what the educated brain thinks the body needs and what the innate intelligence of the body requires. Proper nutrition is not considered diet but a coordination of a proper educated intelligence with the innate intelligence of the body.

When dieting is done to offset or alleviate an adverse condition in living, brought on by ‘civilization’ (an adverse state of affairs brought on by unwise precedence or human grooves of life), then dieting is not a battle between a skewed educated mind and innate, but between different types of education.

Nutritional hygiene is not dieting but common sense. It is simply the restoration of normal and natural environmental conditions. The restoration to normal, of conditions made abnormal by unwise educational living; restoration brought about by a wise, sane and normal educated mind, coordinating with the innate mind as it should, is nutritional hygiene.

Adapted from Stephensons Chiropractic Text, “Article 174-5”

Regarding nutrition, our family practice attempts to restore balance to the unnatural and vastly imbalanced American diet. We do this through use of detailed nutritional consultations and using whole food supplements and high grade herbal protocols.